Career Advice, Bill Maher, and Levi Johnston


I’m one of the few people in the world who doesn’t have HBO. I watch enough TV without it. Everything I want to see on HBO eventually makes it to the internet, anyway.

Case in point — this Bill Maher video with Levi Johnston.

This interview is funny for 1000 reasons but I love it when Maher gives Johnston some career/life advice. He says (paraphrasing around 3:43) that you don’t have to be where you’re from… and fate has smiled upon this kid… and he should get out of Alaska.

I love that advice. Geography, culture, and heritage don’t have to define you — especially when you’re poor and you come from a long line of nothing.

Levi probably won’t leave Wasilla — and it’s too bad for this guy because the fame and the money will run out. But I don’t care. I just love the moment of authenticity between Bill Maher and Levi Johnston. You don’t see great career advice (or wisdom) given on TV very often.

It’s one of those moments.

Get out of Alaska.

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