Careers That Let You Be Your Own Boss


Spending day after day in a bland cubicle while watching the hours tick away on the time clock is not how most people would like to spend their workday. However, many people are trapped in the hopelessly depressing state of mind that occurs in the typical daily grind of an office environment. Luckily, this does not have to be the case. There are many exciting careers available that can allow someone to take control of their life and career by becoming their own boss.

In fact, starting up one of these careers can be as simple as a person deciding what they love to do, finding a set of clients who will need that type of service, and then preparing to enjoy the freedom a running their own business. The following careers each offer wonderful opportunities for entrepreneurship:

Freelance Writing/Editing 

Anyone with a creative knack for putting words together can easily start up a freelance writing or editing career. This type of work is ideal as it can be accomplished from anywhere, as long as there is access to a computer and the Internet. While a degree in English or writing can be helpful, it is not necessary as a long as a person can write well. Clients can be easily found through local businesses, classified ads or internet job postings.

Graphic Design 

Like freelance writing, graphic design careers can be set up through local businesses as a telecommuting position. Most people who are successful in this career do go to school to learn more about the computer programs involved in creating quality graphic designs. However, it is possible to also establish a great reputation through client referrals.

Massage Therapists 

While writing and designing might be creative careers, some people may prefer to really get their hands involved in their work. If someone prefers to step away from the tedium of office work, then a career in massage therapy can be an ideal way to set their own hours and plan their days. To be effective in this career, a massage schools can be a great way to hone skills that will keep clients returning for more relaxing visits. Most people who choose this career are able to establish clients during their time in massage school as they participate in hands-on experiences.

Medical Transcription 

A career in medical transcription is becoming one of the most highly sought after positions in the medical field. Because there is a rapidly growing need for health care workers, people who select this type of career will be able to expect steady work. This career often requires some knowledge of medical terminology and experience working in a health-related position. However, it also can be easily done from home. You can visit sites such as the UCLA career center to find medical transcription opportunities near you.

Recreational Instructor 

Many people have a skill in some type of sport or physical activity. If yoga or karate is a person’s passion, then they might also find it enjoyable to teach the skill to others. In order to run their own business as an instructor, most people will find that it is helpful to obtain certification in their specific skill. They may also prefer to rent out a studio or space in a gym or recreation center that can accommodate teaching to large groups.

Deciding upon a business to start is the first step to escaping the boredom that can come from the traditional office job. When someone decides to become their own boss, then they are able to take control of their future. Summoning up the courage to take the career leap of starting their own business might be intimidating at first, but once they have taken the plunge, most people are satisfied with their new career.

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