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It’s my honor to host the Valentine’s Day edition of the Carnival of HR.

Today is actually the feast day of Saint Agape, a martyr and follower of St. Valentine. She belonged to a group of virgin devotees started by St. Valentine. So in the spirit of Saint Agape, I am dedicating a series of love songs to a bunch of virgins and martyrs…

…my HR blogging brethren.

Here we go, devotees.

Tim Gardner asks, “Is Your Career Depreciating?” Let’s just take a moment to answer the question with one word. Whitney.

Eric B. Meyer is an employment lawyer and he’s speaking with me at TLNT Transform. He wants you to read Adultery + “distressing” text messages = no sexual harassment. What a Debbie Downer!

Tribe HR would like you to take a look at Office Romances: Trends, Laws and Guidelines. It might break your heart.

Susan Heathfield over at Human Resources asks, “Is an Office Romance Okay?” You tell me, baby. You tell me.

Kelly over at Fistful of Talent asks — So you want to use LinkedIn… but you don’t want to get fired… what do you do? I’m not sure what you do. Go check it out.

Staying with the LinkedIn theme, Ben Martinez submits a post called Prediction: LinkedIn Will Replace Internal Company Career Management Systems. I don’t know Ben at all but he seems to be a dreamer.

Do we have space for one more post about LinkedIn? Of course we do. Bill Boorman writes The LinkedIn Contradiction: A Social Channel? Bill is the hardest working man in HRshowbizness. Here’s a song for him.

Shauna Moerke, the champion and brainpower behind The Carnival of HR, submits It’s a Living. It’s a love poem to her career.

Steve Browne is an optimist. He wrote a great blog post called It’s Okay To Ask Why. He’s a lucky fella and he doesn’t shy away from the goodness in life.

Robin Schooling tells us to Choose Your ‘ism. I stand by this post.

The Aquire blog wants you to read HR by the Numbers Part V: Staff Demographics. The experts say that if you can’t measure it, it never happened. Can you measure love?

Dwane Lay is a lover, not a fighter. This is why he wrote Get Bent, Wall Street Recruiters. I have no idea why… but I always think of Guns & Roses when I think of Dwane. I’m not even sure he likes them. I don’t care. Here is a love song for you.

Paul Smith thinks that HR has been shot through the heart and you’re to blame. You Give HR A Bad Name.

Dawn Hrdlica-Burke is a blogger, insomniac and reader. She has some epic recommendations for you over at SHRM Book Recommendations Off The Mark.

Baudville submits this post — Valentine’s Day is Here: Time to Encourage More Love in Your Workplace!

Go check out Mentoring Mullarkey where you can read this post: A career in HR or L&D is like any great love story – it requires hard work, understanding and a whole lot of love to avoid it becoming a Bad Romance.

Dan McCarthy loves you and wants to help you. Read his post called How to Survive a Meeting with the CEO. You can do it. Dan believes in you.

Steve Boese wants you to Picture Yourself Here. In his heart, baby.

Laura Schroeder said, “Thanks for hosting! Here’s my post called Who Moved My Manager? I think Tell Laura I Love Her is a fabulous song.” Okay, okay, okay. Thank goodness I take requests.

Cathy Missildine-Martin wants to believe that HR has skills. She posts HR CAN Have a Crystal Ball When it Comes to Turnover.

Jesse Lyn Stoner gives us a doozy. 7 Things I Learned About Goal-Setting in 1999. Keep on doing it. Baby keep on.

John Hunter submitted We are Being Ruined by the Best Efforts of People Who are Doing the Wrong Thing. You always hurt the ones you love.

Tim Sackett gives us How to Really Get an Entry-Level Job. Nothing is easy when you’re young.

Gautam Ghosh is a fabulous Human Resources blogger from India. He would like you to read The Future of the Resume. I can’t get this post out of my head.

Ben Eubanks wants to talk about HR to Employee Ratio. He has two little girls at home so he gets a special song.

Mike McCartney wants you to read his post called “Ban-the-Box” Legislation Will Impact Employment Background Checks. When I think of Mike McCartney, I think of Mike Mills from REM. Here’s a love song for Mike.

Lance Haun talks sports. Not with me — because I’m his conference spouse and not his bro — but with anyone else who will listen. Go take a look at Unwritten Rules, Sports Fandom and Company Culture.

Jennifer V. Miller wants you to read her blog post called 7 Questions That Help Conversations Move Forward. I don’t know about you, but it’s Valentine’s Day and I’d like a little more action.

Patti over at The Starr Conspiracy writes I Hate Blogging. Her heart is so cold. It’s a shame. I still love her.

Benjamin McCall is very specific. THINK more. Talk Less. What if she goes away because you don’t talk?

Sarah White loves HR technology. She is not clumsy about it at all. Check out The HCM market trends in 2013 (post Oracle/Taleo, SAP/Salesforce).

Ian Welsh gives us A Lesson in Belonging from Rescue Dog Daisy! This isn’t a love song (necessarily) but it is a loving tribute to dogs.

Doug Shaw is wants to tell you a sweet little story about SAINT CUPID.

Kris Dunn gives us a quick update about star-crossed lovers who fight too hard. PHOTO: Never Put Your CEO In Line to Be Embarrassed Publicly By a Wildcard…

Mervyn Dinnen wrote Me & Twitter – It’s a Love Thang! It sure is.

Matt Stollak wrote a review of @talentanarchy’s “Social Gravity” and there is only one song for Matt.

That’s it. Did you enjoy the carnival? I met some new HR bloggers from this experience. That’s so cool. Hope you enjoyed the posts and the videos!

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