Carolyn Turns 24


Today is my sister’s birthday. Her name is Carolyn, and she is a hellraiser. (Obviously — we’re related.)

My sister is now 24. She is dreamy & sentimental. She likes puppies, romantic comedies, and Hanson. When she was a little girl, she had ringlets like Shirley Temple. She also had these perfect, baby, jumbo, “pork chop thighs” that were so meaty you could eat them with a fork. I called her CHUBBERS. (Who knew that might not be a good nickname for my sister? I was nine.)

I’m a judgy, crabby, cynical older sister — and she is the perfect, well-adjusted, thoughtful, angelic little sister. Also, she no longer has chubby thighs, but she does have a cute chin that I want to grab and touch!

Happy birthday, Carolyn.

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