Changes to The Cynical Girl via Norcross


Thanks to everyone for making the move from my old blog to my new blog. You guys rock.

My wesbite was designed by Norcross. If you don’t know him, you should. He is bad ass. Creative. Smart. Funnier than your brother-in-law (who isn’t all that funny in the first place).

Andrew put up with me as a client, so I wanted to thank Mr. Norcross in a formal way (with the Mr.) because he is amazing.

So here’s the point: you guys gave me two pieces of feedback.

  1. First up, add a search box. That’s done. Good idea.
  2. You also wanted the ability to subscribe via email because it’s still 2005. Fine. No probs. I love you guys — and you can now subscribe to my blog via email if you click the envelope logo on the right.

Any additional pieces of feedback? Lemme know. Unless it’s negative feedback. Then you can just shut up.

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