Punk Rock HR Advice: Holiday Parties & Charity


My Punk Rock HR philosophy on holiday office parties is simple:

  • I’m not a party planner. If you want a holiday party, organize it yourself. Don’t call HR.
  • Please don’t turn the holiday season into a stupid team-building event.
  • If you do force your employees to socialize with one another at a holiday event, make it fun & cheesy or make it classy. There is no ‘in between’ when it comes to these occasions.

I’ve attended holiday parties wearing a swanky velvet dress, and I’ve attended holiday parties wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and jeans. Both events had their merits — and I had some fun despite my cynicism.

What I haven’t done during the holidays? Compulsory volunteering.

I really enjoy volunteering and spending my free time helping the less fortunate. I don’t want to do it at work, though.


That being said, I really like this story:

ING is playing Santa for 500 lucky homeowners in this season of foreclosures and sinking home values

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