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Why does Charlie Sheen need to be the one to force us to have a collective debate on addiction, treatment, and the ineffective methods used in today’s rehab facilities to treat addiction?

I’d like another spokesperson, please.

We send our tax dollars and our employees — who participate in employer-funded healthcare programs — to detox and rehab facilities with a 2% success rate. If you had a 2% success rate in anything in life, you would be fired. Instead, we shrug our shoulders and hope our kids, our parents, and our spouses change in rehab.

Our medical system doesn’t focus on maintenance because our society isn’t concerned about maintenance. We measure the outcomes and analyze trends but we don’t change our policies or our practices because stockholders make money when your alcoholism spirals out of control. And we don’t ever encourage alternative approaches to addiction. We can’t, anyway, because we’ve defunded math & science education in America. New ways of thinking require smarter research, more comprehensive methods of therapy, and a discussion that doesn’t involve ‘giving your life to God’ in the name of sobriety.

We can’t do it. We don’t know how to do it.

Charlie Sheen is right that he’s a winner — but the game sucks. There’s no alternative except some hippie-dippie treatment facility where he can ‘learn to let go of his pain’ and start to heal.

Who the hell wants that when your brain is now fundamentally wired for hookers, crack, and porn?

You can’t fight addiction with anything less than the full regulation of toxic chemicals that change the make-up of the brain. And you can’t beat addiction with anything less than science. I’m sick of my employer-funded healthcare program paying for treatment programs and addiction programs that don’t work.

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