I drove into Chicago for the day to visit my sister. I managed to snap a picture of the skyline with my cell phone as I was sitting in traffic. It took me forevah to get home, tonight, and I’m a little cranky.

Summer of Laurie = Summer of Traffic

I was homesick for 3.4 minutes until I hit traffic & congestion. Chicago traffic isn’t as bad as some of the traffic that I endured in Manhattan; however, living in Michigan gives me a better appreciation for the open road. I made a left-hand turn and nearly hit a car, today, and I didn’t loosen my grip on the steering wheel until I hit Indiana. I was a little tense in Indiana, too. Driving on Highway 94 is like driving on a NASCAR track — but with more guns.

The good news? I’ll be back on the road, this weekend, for 24 hours of non-stop Gay Pride festivities in Chicago with ALo. For some reason, I predict that we’ll have four hours of counter-culture activities and 20 hours by her pool. That’s just my guess, though.

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