Closing The Comment Section


There’s an online debate brewing about whether or not comments should be closed on blogs.

Who is in favor of closing the blogs?

  • Writers who value one-on-one conversation.
  • Authors who feel that comments create a haven for stupidity.
  • Bloggers who don’t have time to manage trolls.

I am a big fan of my comments section even though I have to moderate the hell out of it. I have a filter that blocks out people who call me vulgar names or threaten me; however, it’s still a pain in the ass to manage.

I try to respond to all of my comments and I regularly check my spam folder because far too many of you are using your personal email address for your p0rn subscriptions. Then you use your email address to leave comments on my blog. You go to spam, you perverts. I have to fish you out and manually approve your comments.

The single biggest differentiation between a blog and a prestigious online journal is that fact that blogs allow for robust, crazy, and fun conversation. But if Harvard Business Review and most major newspapers allow for comments, bloggers should allow for comments, too.

One more thing. Many people equate comments with traffic. My traffic is consistent regardless of how many comments I receive. It is true that some bloggers want the appearance of more traffic and have closed their comments section to pretend like there is a robust dialogue happening in some other venue.

That’s bullshit and most people see right through it.

For now, my comments section will stay open. People say the darndest things but words don’t hurt. Being smacked by a baseball bat in the face? That hurts. Thank god I can track your IP address and know who you are. Doesn’t matter if you pretend your email address is — I know your identity.

There is no anonymity on the internet. Especially on blogs.

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