Compensation & Appearance Bias


Turns out that tall people have an advantage in life and at work.

Wow, that’s awesome. Now I have another group of people to blame instead of exploring my own lack of initiative. I’m short — very short — but I could be awesome if all those tall people would get outta my way.

I wonder what’s holding you back? Who are you blaming?

  • Could you have been a professional baseball player if only your parents paid more attention to you?
  • Do your kids hold you back from achieving greatness? Do you blame your ex-wife for those bone-crushing child support payments?
  • Would you have been a fashion designer or an artist if only the kids in middle school had stopped teasing you?

I want to hear your drama. It’s Monday. Give it to me — anonymously, if necessary. What’s holding you back from achieving your true potential?

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