Corporate Relocation: I'M DOIN IT AKSHULLY


I’m in the last throes of the insurgency my corporate relocation, and after moving several times with the husband, we have this down to a science. The house is clean, items were labeled, and I went through the house and pre-organized my cleaning supplies, toilet paper, dishes, etc., so that unpacking my schtuffs would be easier.

People who pack boxes for a living will pack your trash if you forget to tell them that it’s garbage. How would they know? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Maren Hogan wrote and told me, “I was a military brat. We GOT a moving allowance and pocketed it every time, so we always got to move ourselves.”

I told Maren that I would pay double for the luxury of having movers; however, Jack Vinson reminded me that the husband might not agree with my point of view. (So true. You know him well.)

In any case, my blogging will be limited until Thursday — but I am on Twitter. Since we’re all best friends on this blog, here are some pictures of today’s festivities at the house. Enjoy!

Kzoo Move Day 1

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