Coulda Been a Contender


Very often, when we get angry and feel hopeless, we blame the wrong people. The government. Our families. Our old bosses. We abdicate responsibility and use the words woulda, coulda, and shoulda in our vocabulary.

Every single human being has been mistreated in some way — and we are are all victims of unfortunate circumstances. Very few of us reaches our full potential.  I woulda been a heckuva lawyer. I coulda been a great musician. My parents shoulda loved me more.

When I meet people who have been through hell and back, and when they are living in the present and trying to make this world a better place, I am inspired. I want to learn from those people. Their triumphs make me forget my own woulda coulda shoulda issues and focus on something more important than my own personal drama.

I have great empathy for people who have survived tragic conditions in life, but tragedy does not make us unique. In fact, it makes us human and ordinary. No one escapes this world without enduring pain, hardship, and loss. What makes us unique and amazing is our ability to endure tragic events and emerge with empathy and a sense of purpose.

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