Crappy HR Directors and Mitt Romney


Mitt RomneyI have worked for some pretty crappy HR Directors during my career. One day, my wish was granted and one of those chicks was fired.

Boom. It was awesome.

Except it wasn’t. Her replacement was worse.

I think about that HR lady when I look at the 2012 US Presidential race. We have an incumbent President who will never make 46% of the electorate happy. They find him to be illegitimate and foreign. Some people say he’s Kenyan. Other people say he’s a good speaker but devoid of any ideas. Some people are just racist.


So what do these people want to do? They get consumed with short-term thinking and want to replace one fake, vaguely Muslim Kenyan socialist guy for another fake, vaguely conservative guy. And he might be a unicorn.

Let’s put politics aside for a second. Obama has his flaws, of course, but Mitt Romney is about as conservative as he needs to be in order to get elected. Full stop. He is yet another Ivy League candidate who favors one group in this country: rich dudes like himself.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t carry the true bona fides of a wealthy GOP baron who knows how to navigate both Wall Street and NRA conventions. He just can’t do it. It’s painful to watch.


Romney’s political history as a Massachusetts moderate — a brilliant line by Newt Gingrich — contradicts his notion that he was a severely conservative governor. His evolving political views get in the way of his credibility in the eyes of conservative voters almost as much as his Mormonism does.

And Romney doesn’t have an ideological point of view on anything. Religion. Abortion. Guns. Gays. He is not really ‘socially’ conservative. He is not really Christian. But he is spending much of his time capitulating to the crazy birthers and the evangelical Christians — who don’t even want him to be the nominee — in order to win votes.

He’s probably not going to live up to his campaign promises to the Christian right — just like George H.W. Bush. But there are so many friends of mine who keep chanting ANYBODY BUT OBAMA. ANYBODY BUT OBAMA.

Yeah, okay, pick a guy who was the architect of Obama’s health care plan. That makes sense.


I don’t have much advice for my Republican friends, but if I were you, I’d let this one go.

  • Take one for the team in 2012 and let Obama have it.
  • Work on winning Congressional elections in 2014.
  • Run Jeb Bush against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Don’t make my mistake and let your blind hatred of one candidate (or HR Director) get in the way of common sense and a broader strategy.

Do you really want four years — and then four more years — of this guy?


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