About a month ago, I was introduced to Nancy Shields. She is the VP Marketing and Client Services at CSIDENTITY. We started communicating via email and she was the first person to send me the link to the ‘your business card is crap‘ guy.

Nancy is active on the social media networks — and she is a totally supportive woman who reads my blog on a regular basis. She asked me to take a look at her product, CSIDENTITY SAFE (Secure Authentication for Employees). In a very brave move, she asked for feedback — good or bad.

Now I haven’t done a background check in over a decade. I was asked to stop doing those checks in 1998 because I didn’t know how to use the fax machine. I always sent over blank pages. (You know what I’m talking about, right? Which side is up on those stupid machines, anyway?)

So I looked at CSIDENTITY SAFE and read through the promotional materials. I also watched a webinar to learn more about background checks — and to figure out what I was doing wrong as a Staffing Specialist back in 1998.

Here’s what I like about her product.

  • It’s on the internet and the user interface is clean and simple.
  • The data on the screen is organized by employee, and you have the ability to continue monitoring your employees on a monthly basis — if you need it — while they’re working for your organization.
  • The product validates the applicant’s true identity and offers spiffy technology to ensure that your employee isn’t stealing the identity of another worker.

This is all very timely because the Supreme Court ruled against the government (and businesses who are trying to protect themselves) in an immigration identity-theft case on Monday. Protecting the identity of your employees — and the integrity of your hiring process — is a tough job that falls squarely on the shoulders of HR. I’m all about making your lives better, and I think that CSIDENTITY SAFE could help you to manage some of the administrivia in your lives.

Go check it out, and contact my new friend, Nancy, with any questions.

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