Customer Service Training: UR DOIN IT RIGHT


I’m a big advocate of recognizing and rewarding people who do great work. If you go above & beyond my expectations, I will heap copious amounts of praise upon you — and I’ll try to reward you in a fun and awesome way.

Recently, I had an experience with someone who totally made my life better. I decided to send him a package of cookies from Mrs. Fields because

  • cookies are a pathway into the soul,
  • cookies make the world a better place to live, and
  • cookies are like money for your tummy.

I ordered the cookies but accidentally (or subconsciously!) had them delivered to my house. I called Mrs. Fields and explained my situation. Without hesitation, they told me to keep the cookies and they sent out another batch of cookies to my friend.

Holy crap, dudes. It was just like Oh, you made a mistake? Let us help you fix it. Bam! It’s done. Have a great day.

So I’m totes happy with Mrs. Fields and I am even happier with my own personal batch of cookies. I’m eating them right now! Customer service isn’t a very fun job, but the guy who took care of my issue on the telephone was great. I’d like to also give a shout-out to the Mrs. Fields HR department and anyone who trained this guy.

The experience was perfect — and the cookies are so nummy. Mmmmmmm….

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