Cyber Monday


I should have done my American duty on Black Friday and bought a doorbusting-webcam at Best Buy. If I had a webcam, I would have the ability to speak to the GOP candidates at the CNN YouTube debate on Wednesday.

I want to ask:

It’s a given that President Bush will never apologize to America for sending our troops into Iraq over false WMD claims. Do we (i.e., American citizens) owe our soldiers a collective apology for not following General Shinseki‘s advice and sending enough troops into Iraq in the first place? Do we owe them an apology for not sending more up-armored Humvees? How about a collective apology for the way we treat their mental health issues when they return from their extended and multiple tours of duty?

Anyone have a webcam I can borrow so I can submit my question to CNN? Should I atone for my un-American boycott of Black Friday and buy a webcam on Cyber Monday? (Every day is Cyber Monday when you’re unemployed!)

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