Deal or No Deal?


Several weeks ago, Kris Dunn blogged about hiring a Human Resources Coordinator.

In the context of his blog, he also considered Seth Godin’s idea of skipping the interview and paying a qualified, pre-screened candidate to work a full day in the role they’ll perform before an offer is made.

I think these ideas are brilliant. This isn’t a scheme, as a punk rock HR pro, to do less work (although that does sound appealing). These ideas offer win/win solutions for everyone involved.

  • The hiring manager has better data (beyond references & a resume) before making an important decision that impacts the budget and the profitability of the company.
  • The candidate will experience on-the-job orientation before making a serious & life-altering commitment.
  • The HR and Staffing Departments are off the hook for hiring bullshit-artist-candidates. (You know the type, right? It’s the guy who has been on so many interviews that he’s mastered the art of the behavior-based interview. You hire him, he seems great, and then he turns out to suck.)

There are all sorts of technicalities & legalistic hurdles to implementing a try-before-you-buy recruiting program. If you do it right, though, it’s more than just ‘temping’ for the day: it’s a two-way assessment that removes the mask of the interview process and forces the employer & the candidate to interact in a more intimate and honest manner

Fortunately, there is a model out there that seems to be working. Zappos, my favorite company in the world, has implemented an innovative approach hiring, training, and retaining qualified customer service professionals. As reported by Harvard Business Publishing:


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