Buy Low & Sell High [Srsly Great Financial Advice]


We all know that I’m bad at math and I never met a dollar I didn’t want to spend; however, I am sick of all this doom & gloom.

Who is running Wall St. and the American economy? Debby Downer?

Call me crazy, but this crappy economy will yield some freakin sweet deals on companies that are solid but being pulled into the muck. I’m not a supply-sider, and I don’t wear gold cuff links, but I am a geeky-liberal-Gen-Xer who believes in the link between capitalism and good governance. I also believe in American workers & American ingenuity, which is just about the only reason I continue to work in Human Resources.

I want to seize the opportunity to do my Larry Kudlow imitation and offer my best, bullish advice.

  • Get educated on the market.
  • Once you’re educated, buy low.
  • How low is low? Well things are kind of low right now, dudes.
  • Worried that the market will continue to drop? Yeah, it might. Who cares if it dips a little lower than it is right now, though? Things are pretty low and trying to guess the floor is a losing game. Don’t be greedy. That’s not very patriotic.
  • The market is cyclical and your minor, short-term losses will be recouped.

Investing in America is as patriotic and as responsible as supporting bailouts, accelerating deregulation of our core infrastructure and industries, and supporting the expansion of Indian Casinos.

Bill Clinton said, “Never bet against America.” Who disagrees with that? Things will turn around and you will eventually make a profit. Now get out there and find some sweet stocks — and then pass on the tips to HR pros who are otherwise bad at managing money.

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