Your Job Search: Give Up Unreachable Goals


I’m fascinated by this article about depression in The Economist (via Gawker). The authors talk about the evolutionary origin of depression and how it may be healthy to give up inappropriate goals.

I think there’s something to be said for giving up unattainable goals in your job search. America puts so much emphasis on our jobs & careers as extensions of our personalities and lives. What if you started to think about your job search differently? What if a job is just a means to other things? What if it’s less important for you to find a job that pays what you earned in 2007 and more important for you to enough to achieve more thoughtful and meaningful goals in your life?

Check your expectations right now. Do you want to find a job that makes you feel better about who you are as a person? It’s never gonna to happen. Sorry. Your career will always break your heart. Get a dog, eat some ice cream with your kids, and stop your unemployment-related depression in its tracks.

Oh—and if you want to stop being moody & sad about your job search, approach Monday with a different purpose. It’s time to look for a job that allows you to have awesome and meaningful experiences outside of work.

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