We’ve talked about detoxing from social media — but it’s Saturday, and I hope some of you are detoxing from the weightier issues on your mind.

You won’t find a job on Saturday. Your kids won’t love you more than they did yesterday. Your relationships won’t improve. No one is paying off your credit card debt, today.

What if you detoxed from some of the more stressful elements in life? What would that look like?

Me? I’m like Sisyphus. I’m like Atlas. I’m filled with anxiety over the dumbest stuff in life. So I’m taking this Saturday and using it as an intentional break from the problems that I cannot solve. I will focus on organizing my closet, working on a guest bedroom/bathroom that won’t paint itself, and cleaning out litter boxes.

I wonder if my issues will look less like problems and more like opportunities on Sunday?

Hey, sometimes this cynical girl is an optimist.

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