Dick Cheney: You Can't Handle the Truth (or kittens)


dickcheneycatDick Cheney was interviewed by Chris Wallace, last week, and Andrew Sullivan described the interview as a teenage girl interviewing the Jonas Brothers.

Our national nightmare could end tomorrow if President Obama had the courage to say, “George W. Bush and Dick Cheney authorized torture. They are accountable for every action that took place from 2001-2008.”

Obama could placate the right by stating that he will not prosecute Americans who took orders from the Executive Branch. He could redeem the credibility of the Oval Office by authorizing an apolitical presidential commission to review the facts and publish a full accounting of the activities after 9/11, including the war in Iraq and the treatment of prisoners.

Obama should simply state, “It’s important future generations to learn the truth and learn from these mistakes.”

There you go. A graceful way to move this issue forward in a helpful and meaningful way.

Now if Obama decides to use the Secret Service to treat Bush and Cheney like prisoners in their homes for the rest of the natural lives, I wouldn’t be opposed to that, either.

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