Dick Moves


Throughout my career, I’ve been surrounded by men and women who pull a dick move with colleagues, associates, and leaders.

What’s a dick move? From Urban Dictionary.

An action by one male to another male friend which violates understood social expectations, especially where the transgressor obtains a slight advantage in comparison with a relatively large inconvenience imposed upon the aggrieved party.

I would quibble with the word male because women can perform a dick move. In fact, I’ve done it myself.

So let’s make a list of dick moves in the office.

  • Taking credit for a project, task, or job when you don’t deserve that credit.
  • Not standing up for a coworker in a meeting because you are afraid of the political ramifications.
  • Undermining your boss for no reason other than the fact that he/she has more power than you.
  • Drinking the last of the water and not replacing the five-gallon jug because you don’t feel like lifting it up.
  • Parking in a handicapped spot even though you had foot surgery like six months ago and you’re totally fine.
  • Listening to music at your cube knowing full well that it’s too loud but you don’t care because you’re in a NIN mood.
  • Scheduling meetings early in the morning just because you know your boss hates to come in before 8:30 AM.
  • Playing buzzword bingo out in the open and not even trying to stifle your laughter when someone says at the end of the day.
  • Anonymously tweeting about your job and slamming your company even though it’s not really all that bad.
  • Excessively hitting on a colleague, peer, or associate even when that person has turned you down and asked you to stop.

What am I missing? What dick moves have you pulled?

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