Director of Staffing Gets Hammered With Co-Workers


Just so you know, HR needs career advice, too.

Hi Laurie,

It’s funny being in HR and therefore not having anyone in HR to talk to when you are concerned about an issue. And I am too embarrassed to reach out to any regular mentor right now… SO, I thought of you. I love your direct style and fresh approach on HR-related issues. Here I am, seeking your advice…

I am a head of staffing (Director level) for a large company, a proven top performer in all past roles (15+ yrs experience), but only 1 year at this company…

And I got drunk and misbehaved at a bar which I went to with co-workers after a company party. Define misbehave? How about get blackout drunk, kissing a co-worker (much more junior than me… in both age and rank) in front of other co-workers and needing to be carried home. Yeah, it was that bad.

I thought this might blow over (stupid, I know), but now my boss has asked to talk to me before I plan the monthly local team meeting wherein I introduce all new hires and give out service awards… we have all been back in the office for 2 days since the ‘indiscretion’ which was last Wednesday night.

Any advice for how I handle this? IF I survive and am not fired, I have a major credibility issue on my hands. I appreciate any insight and advice you may have.

I know they can fire me. I don’t think they will… but anything is possible.

In good health and better judgement,
Ms. Dumbass

Whoa, part of me wants to hug you and part of me wants to toast you. I love how you are refreshingly human. Fuck yes you got drunk and made out with a younger coworker. Do you know how many times an old codger took me out to dinner and tried to kiss me?

You are living the dream.

Except I can’t imagine your career at this company will thrive. I’m sorry. Even if they don’t fire you, they will judge you. Especially because you are a woman. We’re not supposed to act like this. Only VPs of IT and Finance should act this way. (You fuckers know who you are… but I digress.)

In my humble opinion, I would focus on a career-reinvention. Like Mel Gibson. You’ll have to do something to stop the gossip in the office. My advice? Don’t shy away from your colleagues. Invite people out to lunch. Be social. Be interesting. And get to work on a new project. Something nice like a charity drive, a volunteer day, or a blood donation day. Give them something else to talk about — like your performance.

Good luck. I’m sure many people are wondering — was it worth it? Was the younger boy cute? Did you have fun?

Inquiring minds want to know!

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