Do This Don't: Talk Politics At Work


Go ahead, Suckers. Test the waters and talk about politics at work.

Sure, your employer may forbid it. Your co-workers might disagree with you. You might get irritated and annoyed with colleagues. So what? I say that leaving politics out of the workforce makes life boring. I would rather talk about the differences between Barack Obama and John McCain than discussing Lindsay Lohan’s exposed knickers and her lesbian romance.

(No wait, I lied. I’ll gladly talk about Li Lo and her crazy new girlfriend.)

I believe in the American dream, and I believe in creating a corporate work environment where political beliefs (and celebrity gossip!) come together without conflict. Our political discussions will be civilized — and our celebrity gossip will be interesting — and I believe it’s possible to find common ground over the notion that Mel Gibson, as a singular force, is almost as dangerous as Scientology.

Will you join me in my quest to unite and change the American workplace?

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