Do You Pay Your Interns?


I have the luxury of having a (paid) intern, this summer, and it’s been awesome. She is great. When she lands her first full-time role with benefits — wherever the job takes her — her future employer will be a lucky dawg.

The federal government has weighed in on paid and unpaid internships, but I still see advertisements for unpaid and poorly paid programs. While some organizations would work a puppy to death if they could, I do understand why many employers stick with hodgepodge internship programs.

  1. Although many companies have a limited (or no) budget, they still need to get work done. Internships offset the cost of doing business in an extremely competitive environment.
  2. Some companies really do want to provide meaningful, interesting experiences to young workers to help develop the labor pool.
  3. Many leaders really want to help younger workers gain an advantage in their post-college job search.

I just wonder if you pay your interns? Do you pay them well? Do you offer any kind of benefits? Do you treat undergraduate interns differently than interns who are participating in a MBA program?

Where does your company stand on this?

And if you don’t pay your interns, do you stand by this decision?

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