Does My Company Need a Mobile App for its Career Website?


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Last week, Laurie wrote about the failure of B2C mobile applications. She didn’t focus on career websites but many Human Resources Directors want to know if they need a mobile app for their career websites.

A mobile app that interfaces with your applicant tracking system and CRM is a good idea but you can have a mobile-enhanced website and still be ahead of your competition. HR departments should work with IT to create a user-friendlier interface that is optimized for an iPad or an iPhone. Career websites should be easily accessible on Android devices. And Human Resources departments should work with their internal IT departments to create a mobile website that is optimized for search engines.

If you are a small company with limited resources, you may only have a career website that feeds resumes into email inboxes. Many Human Resources professionals don’t even own mobile devices. Follow the link for more information on iPad deals so you can buy one.

Then I would recommend you hire a whip-smart intern and make sure your existing career page looks good on an iPhone and an iPad. You don’t need a fancy iOS app and you certainly don’t need an app available in Google Play for download.

Does your company look outdated if you don’t have a mobile app for jobs? No, your company looks outdated with your ugly logo and poorly functioning ATS. Your company really looks outdated when it fails to respond to candidates and provide a decent level of feedback.

If you can hire an intern and make your career website mobile-friendly, that is the first step in the right direction.

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