Don't Do These Don'ts At Work: Names


I’ve been thinking about the controversy related to Barack Hussein Obama and the etiquette of how we address one another in America — especially at work. In that vein, I have some advice.

  • Don’t refer to your co-workers by their last names (surnames).
  • Don’t make up a stupid nickname for a coworker.
  • Don’t refer to a female co-worker by emphasizing her long, hyphenated surname.
  • Don’t use a bad, fake accent when you say your co-worker’s last name.
  • Don’t make hand gestures when you say your co-worker’s name.
  • Don’t purposely mispronounce a co-worker’s name.
  • On St. Patrick’s Day, don’t add O’ before your co-workers’ surnames.

What am I missing?

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