Don't Throw Mochas at Glass Baristas


From the Starbucks Gossip Blog:

The saga began last fall when Latasha Curry, 38, called a Starbucks to complain about the bitter taste of the iced mocha she had just bought there. An employee offered her a free replacement, and when Curry stopped by the store two days later to pick it up, a store manager accused her of running a scam. Curry tossed the drink at him. The case went to trial and the woman was found not guilty last week.

I’ve had several things thrown at me in the course of my employment — mostly papers and pencils, except once I had a whiteboard eraser thrown in my direction after I notified someone of his impending layoff. Throwing stuff at people is so childish. It’s like, c’mon, really, is this fourth grade?

Nevertheless, I once threw a root beer at my sister when she was acting like a dork. We disagree about the argument and the details leading up to the root-beer-vault, but the cup hit something besides the intended target (my sister) and splashed all over me and my car.

Punk rock Human Resources lesson: never throw sticky drinks in anger.

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