Don’t Use Your Personal Credit Card for Business Expenses


Paul doesn’t have  company credit card — it’s not part of his job — but he has been asked to use his personal credit credit to cover some departmental business expenses.

Buying office supplies. Ordering breakfasts. Paying for team lunches. His boss asks him to pay for things and he says no but feels pressured to say yes. And I told him — your boss is an idiot. Don’t do it. Keep saying no.

There are two reasons why a boss makes this request.

  1. He is in trouble with his own company-issued credit card. Maybe he’s bad at keeping organized and filing expense reports. Maybe he took his company reimbursements and used them for his own personal gain.
  2. The things you’re buying wouldn’t be approved by the company. He wants you to pay for it — and he’ll pay you back out of his own pocket.

Either way, your answer should remain no. Talk to someone at your company about this, too. This is ridiculous. Any purchases you make may violate company policy. And you might be liable for the bill if you put this on your personal credit card.

Your boss is an asshole for putting you in this situation to begin with. That’s an undeniable fact.

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