Dream Jobs


When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an actress. Then a TV star. Then a lawyer. Then a teacher. Then a weathergirl.

Then I grew up and wanted to be someone who didn’t miss a payment on her Citibank card.

Unfortunately, a new Marist Poll indicates that “acting” is still a dream job for adult Americans.

Adults. People who have kids, bills, and responsibilities.

This table makes my heart ache as a Human Resources professional and career advisor.

I don’t need a poll to tell me that Americans are poorly conditioned for adult life, they seek a career that allows them to escape from reality (because reality sucks, right now), and that people equate success with stardom and celebrity.

Does the average American realize that you can be both famous and poor? You can be a working actress and someone who can’t pay her bills?

I just wish people would dream bigger.

I recently gave this advice to a reader who was sad about ‘giving up on his dream’.

You can participate in community theater and hold down a job at your local bank. Take an improv class. Volunteer at a children’s theater.

There are plenty working professionals who have a full-time job and love theater, art, and music. There’s no need to dream about being an actor. Go do it.

And pay your bills at the same time.

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