Drug-Free Workplace


My political views are a mix of liberal beliefs combined with contradictions and rounded out with emotional justifications.

I’m just like you.

Here’s how I feel on some key issues.

  • I don’t like guns but I support my right to have one. Not yours.
  • I don’t believe in the criminalization of prostitution but I think it’s sketchy to pay for sex — and don’t even get me started on how women are treated in cultures where prostitution is legal.
  • I am sickened by the war on drugs but I think some drugs are dangerous.

That’s right. Drugs are bad, mmkay.

I can’t write a blog called Punk Rock HR without having an opinion on illicit substances. I’m not particularly concerned with casual drug use. What you do on your own time isn’t an issue for me; however, I have a zero-tolerance approach to drugs in the workplace.

As your employer, I pay you to come to work. I buy your time and your mind. When you’re stoned at the office, you are stupid and you make bad decisions. That’s a fact, stoner. Of course you’d try to deny it.

You wanna get high and come to work? I want to know — Why do you feel so entitled? Why is your existence so much more important than mine? Why do you get to alter your state of consciousness while I have to endure the same nonsense at the office?

I have even less patience for business leaders and managers who are high at work. When I see leaders who are effed up, I wonder — Aren’t you running a company? Don’t you have key decisions to make? Are you some kind of amazing human being who gets stoned and does stuff better?

As a leader, you have an obligation to operate with the best interest of your employees at heart. When you’re high at work, you are jeopardizing the livelihood of your employees and shareholders. (Yes you are.)

Do what you want on your own time. When you’re on my time — or when you are leading an organization — you have an obligation to sober up.


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