Drunk Flight Attendant: Yeah, She's Pretty Much Fired


I have some sympathy for the drunken flight attendant captured in the YouTube video. Have you been on a plane that was delayed for no apparent reason? Have you heard passengers demean and humiliate the staff at your favorite airline? Have you seen how hard some of these women work?

As a passenger, I drink before boarding most flights. I might drink if I had to work on the plane, too.

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I’m not excusing the drunken flight attendant, but I won’t be surprised if this happens more often — especially with excessive flight delays, the retirement of air traffic controllers, and declining wages in the airline industry. Low airfares, rising fuel costs and corporate inefficiencies add to the pressure cooker, as well.

My expectations are (unfortunately) low. I don’t need that extra bag of pretzels. When a plane lands safely & on time, I’m thankful.

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