Question: Interviews, Ear Gauges, and Plugs


A question from a reader.

Do I need to take out my ear plugs for an interview?

Shoot, that’s a tough one because I have no information on the type of job, the company, or the culture.

From a visual perspective, I think plugs in your ears look better with jewelry than without. No one wants to look at a collapsed or gaping hole in your earlobe, and I know how body gauges smell after you remove them. Gross. Keep ’em in place and keep them clean.

Unfortunately, many companies have policies against body jewelry. I suggest that you ask your network to weigh in with an opinion. Do you know anyone who works for this company? Do you belong to groups on LinkedIn where you can pose this question?

There are organizations that don’t care if you have plugs in your ears and tatts on your neck; however, some food, drug, and manufacturing facilities have strict dress code requirements due to federal regulations.

I hate that some candidates have to camouflage their body jewelry and tattoos. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

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