EFCA: I'm Bored


Lots of stuff on EFCA on the internet, but much of it strikes me as hysterical propaganda. When you wage a high school, student council campaign to support a cause — or when you reduce a complex idea to a hashtag — you lose the ability to have a thoughtful and meaningful discussion.

Blame SHRM. Blame Congress. Blame labor and management for not coming up with a solution several months ago. Blame our short-attention spans. I don’t care, anymore. The labor force is changing, and I think that the EFCA debate is mired in the politics of an old century and an old way of thinking. The real battles — how we define the nature of work, how we measure productivity, how we pay people for their knowledge and ideas — are the coming debates of the 21st century.

I’m over EFCA and reactionary-style lobbying. Maybe you should be, too.

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