Eight Random Things: The HR-to-HR Edition


I was tagged by Fabulous Deb at 8 Hours and a Lunch to write eight random things about myself. I can’t think of eight random things related to Human Resources, so you’ll get a mix of the personal & the professional.

  1. Even though this response to Deb’s tag is late, I’m someone who is early for everything. I believe it’s very rude to be tardy. Business Tip: if someone is more than five minutes late for a meeting or a conference call, I leave/hang up and I don’t make myself immediately available. It teaches my fellow colleagues a valuable lesson about the importance of time management — as well as the relevance of Human Resources. I’ll tell you this much: it rarely happens twice.
  2. I never schedule meetings before 8AM.
  3. I believe that most business dinners don’t get interesting until you have dessert. I always order dessert if I can… and it’s worthwhile. I get the best company gossip over cr

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