Election Day Should Be A National Holiday


I believe that our Federal Election Day should be a national holiday.

Hear me out.

It is tremendously important to vote, but many well-intentioned employers don’t have the patience or the latitude to allow employees to spend six hours in a polling line. It becomes expensive and cumbersome to encourage employees to vote — even if it’s their constitutional right to do so (& protected by law).

A national holiday might help to create a culture of accountability — but more importantly, it might move employers to think about workforce planning and staffing issues.

See? The government can come in handy for something.


My thoughts? Cancel the stupid Columbus Day holiday and make Election Day — the first Tuesday following the first Monday of November — a federal holiday.


That being said, I’m done begging people to vote.

If you’re too stupid to realize the importance of your vote, I’m not sure that I want you casting a ballot. Moron. Do me a favor and forget to vote. Seriously. You’ll probably vote incorrectly, anyway.

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