Your Office Is The Ultimate Court of Public Opinion #elmo



Did you hear that the man who voices Elmo, Kevin Clash, was accused of having an under-age sexual relationship? Did you hear that the accuser recanted the allegation?

Hmm. I feel bad for Clash because he’s not the first guy to weather a false accusation and then go back to work. For many people, their issues are re-litigated at the water cooler.


I worked with a guy who was accused of hitting his ex-wife even though he was nowhere near her. I also knew a woman who was pulled over by the cops on suspicion of DUI and it turned out to be a serious and unintentional drug interaction. In both cases, life sorted itself out. But in both cases, people still talked at work. Human Resources had to step in and say STFU and MYOB.

Ugh x2.

This is why I feel for Elmo and I wonder — has that happened to you? Have you been through a tough or personal situation at home only to have it linger as an issue at work? Or did you have an experience where your colleagues rallied around you and helped you get your life back to normal?

Work can be a source of stress. It can also be a source of strength. I hope Kevin Clash can return to his office and focus on doing his life’s work: being Elmo.

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