Top Three Embarrassing Punk Rock HR Moments


Because it’s Friday — and because I promised HR Minion that I would blog about it — here are my top 3 most embarrassing moments as a Punk Rock HR Generalist.

  • 2001: I ran out of a meeting to use the bathroom. I washed my hands. As I left the restroom, I smelled my hands (yes) only to make sure the weird, foamy soap worked its magic. I looked up and saw a group of employees laughing at me.
  • 2006: I was in my car, in a parking lot, using my rear view mirror to examine & pick at a zit on my face. I looked up and saw two of my clients staring at me in disgust.
  • 2000: I saw a co-worker get into a snowball fight in the parking lot. I sent him an email that said, “Hey, snow bunny, you looked mighty cute in the parking lot.” Unfortunately, I sent the email to most of the company. My reputation took an immediate hit and he was referred to as ‘snow bunny’ after that incident by most of his peers.

So yeah — I haven’t always been a classy, elegant, thoughtful, and gracious broad like I am today.

Your turn. What are your embarrassing work stories, yo?

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