Empathy, Bias, & Prejudice


Senator Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary committee, has been widely quoted as saying, “When you show empathy for one party, you necessarily show bias for another group.”

Human Resources — as a function within Corporate America — is in the middle of most debates that deal with race, gender, and ability. Furthermore, job seekers who visit Punk Rock HR have shared stories of perceived mistreatment based on race, gender, ability, beauty, weight, age, height, religion, etc.

I know you have an opinion on this issue. Here we go.

  • When you show empathy for one group, do you show bias for another group?
  • When you are empathetic, do you display bias?
  • Does empathy have a role in critical thinking and decision making process in your life? At work? In our government?

What do you think? Does the Sotomayor appointment — and the current Senate hearings — pick at the unresolved social battles from the 1980s regarding affirmative action and protected class?

The comments are open!

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