Oh Yeah: I'm Speaking at Google on Monday the 15th


Some of you know that I’ll be speaking at Google on Monday. I’m moderating a session about recruiting, ubiquity, and authenticity.

Ken asked, “What the hell does that mean?”

I told him that it means presence and voice. If you can’t be everywhere on the internet, how do you use your own voice and opinions—along with social media sites and tools—to define yourself as a credible recruiter, find & hire great people, and make money.

Ken said, “Yeah. Good luck with that.”

I think it will be a great session. The powerpoint slides will be kept to a minimum, and the focus will be on sharing ideas on how you can create a talent database and generate leads out of your blog readers, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, and Facebook friends. How do you even manage all those sites and tools? What sites are important, right now? Where can you find great people?

In my online experience, it’s about creating a community. People need to know where to find you. Once they find you, you have to do something meaningful with that community of fans and readers who trust your voice.

Now it wouldn’t be a Punk Rock HR session without a giveaway. No gimmicks, though. Maybe just a Starbucks card or two.

Are you in?

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