Escape Your Life


Life in America is slowly getting back to normal. By normal I mean that more people now quit their jobs than get fired or laid off.

I know, I know. That’s a really strange way of looking at normal. We lived through 2010, though. Remember? It sucked. And quitting can be empowering. Being fired or laid off is almost always disruptive and demoralizing.

I’m not sure many of us learned lessons from the great recession — but a few of us did. And some companies are sensing the frustration in their workforce and have begun doing creative things. Some offer sabbaticals. Others offer extended, flexible vacations so people can take a little time off without fear and do something different. And all of us know of a company (cough cough Zappos) that pays you to leave if the job isn’t right for you.

For those of you who want to start fresh, I like two job boards. The first is Coolworks. They offer great job listings in great places. I’ve been a fan of that site for years. Not everyone is made for the 9-5 grind. Go work in the mountains. Or on a cruise ship. See the world before you have a life, a mortgage and kids.

The second resource was just pitched to me. It’s called Escape the City and the premise is simple. Go find a job that is better and more meaningful than the one you have.

Can you find meaningful work when you’re 37 and married? Or 57? Yes. But it’s easier to course-correct when you are 27 and you’re not locked into a consumer cycle.

So go do something meaningful. As they say on Escape the City, this is your sign.

Then come back and tell the rest of us with mortgages and obligations how awesome it is. We’ll be here. Paying taxes and drinking margaritas like the fools we are.

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