Everyone Lies


Picture by Ken—who didn't tweet from the eiffel tower.

My husband went to a conference, last week, and I was left to fend for myself. I don’t cook, so when Ken travels, I eat like crap.

Kennyboi called from Paris and asked how I was doing. “What are you making yourself for dinner?”

I lied and said, “Oh I made myself a sandwich and had some leftover lasagna.”

Busted. Making myself a sandwich and reheating lasagna? No way. Never gonna happen. Not in a million years. So I fessed up and said, “Fine, I’ve had McDonald’s for the past five days.”

It’s not pretty, but don’t judge me. You lie, too, and it’s generally harmless. As insecure human beings, we blur the truth to cover up for our personal failures. We lie to preserve the feelings and egos of our friends and colleagues. And we lie because our realities are pathetic.

Eating McDonalds five days in a row? It’s an ugly truth that no one really needs to know. Not even my husband.

So I forgive lies of self-preservation. The world is a difficult place and we make choices—some good & some bad—on how to represent ourselves.

Let he without sin cast the first stone.

I see people trying to cover up for their failings on a regular basis. Resume inflation doesn’t bother me. Misstating the length of employment? Stupid but I don’t really care because I get it. Lying about a degree? Sad and wholly unnecessary—but not a BFD.

But there are times when lying is unacceptable. Misrepresenting your military service.Falsifying government clearance. Lying about being a police officer or firefighter. For some reason, those lies make me sick.

Lying about military or civil service is not worth it.

Just ask Dick Blumenthal. You risk everything, and it’s not worth it.

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