Expanding the Brand


I am attending an entrepreneurial class in August, but I’m not sure that you can teach a group of people to be creative and innovative. What’s most entrepreneurial about the class is the fact that my former employer is paying for someone to attempt to teach me ‘the steps it will take to be entrepreneurial’. That’s brilliant. For reals.

I am still working on my management book, Teambuilding is for Suckers [tm], and I’m thinking of creating a whole brand. My first entrepreneurial activity may be to expand my management book into the world of fashion. I may market a line of clothing for unemployed women in their early 30s. This line of clothing will appeal to professional, single women with cats who are facing a crisis of identity and body image.

We will have yoga pants, sweatpants, university t-shirts, sports bras, and a modified muumuu that is a cross between a dashiki, a boubou, and a spa robe. I

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