Fab CEO uses honest language and sounds douchey. Oh well.


Many people in the HR and recruiting industry know and love Jason Goldberg.

Jason started something called Jobster. It didn’t end well. But he did some other stuff and then started a company called Fab.com — a site that was once a social network for a gay audience but now sells crap that I consider buying for my cats . . .

. . . like this awesome thing. I need it. But I fear Scrubby will pee on it.hepper

Anyway, Jason has a reputation for being spendy with investor money. I am not sure if it’s true, but if it is, that makes him just like every other guy who gets funded.

When a company’s strategy changes and the money gets tight, people always lose their jobs.

And that is what happened to some Fab.com employees in Berlin. They received a memo that gave them “the opportunity to start your new job search immediately.”

How fabulous, right?

Hmm. The language sounds harsh to the untrained ear; however, it’s okay. Labor laws differ from municipality to municipality. You can’t just fire people in Germany. Doesn’t work that way.

So while Jason appears to be tone deaf, he is right: his Berlin-based employees are getting an opportunity to start a new job search immediately. It is a luxury that isn’t afforded to many people in the world. Make the most of it.

And funny enough, I said that very same message to both US and international employees at two companies that suffered major job losses from 2001-2008.

  • You are losing your job.
  • Your last day of work is in the future but I don’t know the exact date.
  • Calm down. We are not perp walking you out the door.
  • You are expected to work hard until your last day.
  • You can totally start your job search now and leave before your last day with our company.
  • I am sorry.

It’s a pretty standard HR message if you work for a decent company that pays severance in an organized, transparent manner. And having laid off over 10,000 people at two companies, I can tell you that there is no ideal way to share this message.

But I’ll share this advice with you. Want to avoid being laid off?

Don’t place your faith in a company that sells kitschy shit that nobody needs.

There you go. Career and job crisis averted.

And at least you don’t work for this guy.

Good old AOL!

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