Failure is Okay


I am a total failure.

I have a ton of crazy ideas that are knocked down by clients and colleagues. I make stupid decisions. I swear too much. I drink and can’t use chopsticks. I drop food on my white t-shirts. I fail to impress important people. I am unable to write a decent book.

The list goes on & on.

Here are some reasons why failure isn’t so bad.

  1. Failure gets you noticed. When you fail to knock it out of the park, people are waiting for your next mistake. Knock those haters on their keisters and do something amazing with that attention.
  2. Failure makes you smarter. If you can tamp down the ego for two seconds, you can learn how to avoid future mistakes and errors.
  3. Failure makes you likable. Perfectionism is an annoying quality, and we know that likability is the key to finding a job. It doesn’t hurt to embrace your flaws and errors in judgment. It makes you human.
  4. Failure opens doors. I failed as a Human Resources leader. Then I started a blog. Now I’m a better Human Resources professional. Who knew that would happen?
  5. Failure is fun. I like an adventure, and some of the biggest failures of my life have turned out to be great opportunities to learn, grow, and change. My life is amazing and awesome, but my path was crooked and is littered with some of the biggest mistakes of my life. I don’t regret it.

It’s not so bad. You will survive.

If I know anything about my life, I’m not done failing. Not by a long-shot.

And neither are you.

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