Fannie & Freddie Crisis: The HR Primer


If you’re like me, you could give two flips about the US takeover of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac — especially when it happens on the same night as the season premier of Entourage.

Nevertheless, your enemies in the finance and marketing departments are gonna talk about the subprime mortgage crisis and the institutional bailouts as if they are smarter and more informed than you are…

…and we can’t let that happen.

Michael VanDervort over at Human Race Horses will happily explain this mess to you in 100 words or less, too, if you don’t feel like deconstructing the really tough USA Today FAQ.

My advice? Get up to speed on the Fannie & Freddie debacle, HR peeps, so you can school the chumps in your company and impress the heck out of your bosses and peers.


Update from the NYTs.

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