Feedback is a Gift


I’ve received two pieces of feedback in the past twenty-four hours.

I was told that I’m a loud talker. (Too loud.) Also, I was reminded that (sometimes) I let my anger get in the way of my ability to reason. Especially when it’s unresolved anger relating to unreasonable people.

    I have to laugh at myself because it’s all true. I’m a super-loud talker (especially when I’m drinking and/or on the phone) and I sometimes let my anger get in the way of common sense. I’m better at being calm and assertive than I was in the past; however, these are my reflexive, impulsive tendencies that get the better of me when my defenses are down and I’m not conscious of my behaviors.

    I will say that yoga (& running) helps to manage the connection between anger & common sense. Also, my loud talking is really helpful in crowds and bars — where I happen to spend an inordinate amount of time during my unemployment!

    It’s funny how I try to channel The Dog Whisperer but end up, at the end of the day, behaving like Cartman. As long as I’m mimicking someone on basic cable, it’s all good.

    PS – I don’t like getting feedback when I’m not getting a paycheck.

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