Feminism, Work, & Enjoli


There’s a ton of chatter on the conservative blogosphere about Sarah Palin as the new face of feminism. I’ve heard the argument made in a very simple way.

  • Palin is a mother,
  • a wife,
  • and she holds down a job as Governor of Alaska.

Sarah Palin is viewed as an uncompromising conservative feminist because she is a breadwinner and a mother. She has made choices in life without compromising her ethical beliefs, and she has been true to her faith and to her gender [role].

To futher demonstrate the point, Mary Matalin was on television describing Palin as a true modern feminist, which is the opposite of an ‘abortion-first feminist.’ (I swear to god, she said that.) Matalin described Palin as an impressive woman who earns a living, cares for her family, and holds strong & informed opinions on important issues.

I don’t believe Mary Matalin is qualified to define femism; however I think it’s fascinating how work — or rather, the intersection of employment and earnings — factors into the discussion of today’s definition of feminism.

Wow, most people believe that feminism is focused on politcal and social equality, but I guess feminism is really all about earning money, having babies, and being confident enough in your beliefs to pray away the gay.

What do you think? Does working in a high-powered job, being the breadwinner for her family, and being the VP candidate make Sarah Palin a feminist icon for today’s modern woman?

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