First Annual Tim Sackett Day


Today is the first annual Tim Sackett Day.

If you don’t know Tim, you are a fool. Tim is an Executive Vice President at HRU Technical Resources, a staffing firm located in Michigan. HRU Technical Resources specializes in the manufacturing sector and they currently have over 500+ engineers, designers, supervisors and technicians on site at clients all over the country. They are a Certified Women-owned Business with a client base in defense, military, consumer products, automotive, aerospace, and education.

But that’s not why I am celebrating Tim Sackett Day or why you should know him.

Tim is a recruiting dork, a father, a husband, a coach, a leader, a teacher — and in his spare time, he blogs on multiple sites and tweets. Tim will never win a spot on a  ‘Human Resources influencer list’ because he is too busy doing real HR work to fart around with the consultants and gurus who create those lists.

That’s why you should know him.

Tim is the best of what Human Resources has to offer. He isn’t looking for awards and accolades. He isn’t looking for a few more followers on Twitter. He lives in the state of Michigan and actually finds jobs for people. He helps companies achieve profitability. And he is raising three boys to be amazing men.

Tim blogs, tweets and manages to find time to be a great HR professional and a great husband and father. He is speaking at TLNT Transform and SHRM National — not because he likes to get freaky with HR chicks — but because he is trying to improve the field of HR.

If Tim can do it, you can do it.

That’s why it is so fun to participate in the first annual Tim Sackett Day. He is the best of what HR has to offer but he isn’t the only one out there. I bet you work with a few Tim Sacketts. You might be Tim Sackett, too. If so, I want to thank you for your hard work. You won’t get an award from anyone else — but you will be recognized on Tim Sackett Day!

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