F@%k It Friday: Charity 5Ks


Remember the site Stuff White People Like?

I laugh because charity 5ks should be on the list. I

I have a theory that 5ks are the middle aged white person’s excuse to lose weight. Do you want to build a no-kill animal shelter? Cure breast cancer? Beat cystic fibrosis? Of course you do — and you want to keep it tight for an upcoming beach vacation.

Well, at least that is my excuse. My husband and I are off on a second honeymoon in November. I’m carrying some chub around my stomach that I’ve proudly named my food baby. My poonchy tummy has to go — so Ken and I are running a 5k in late October here in Raleigh.

It benefits something… and I will write a check… and I will feel good about myself for making the world a better place.

And I hope to kill my food baby.

Have you ever participated in an athletic event for any other reason other than to lose weight?

Don’t lie to me.

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